Linen is a natural fiber which becomes whiter and softer with time. For best results in caring for your linen, follow these simple steps:

  • If possible, rinse or soak stains while still fresh.

  • Pretreat set-in stains using a non-bleach stain remover.

  • Hand wash or machine wash linens separately in cold water, using non-bleach liquid detergent. Set machine to wool or gentle cycle.

  • Line dry or dry flat. A 3-5% level of shrinkage is expected after the first wash. Linen will naturally dry quickly. Never tumble dry as this can damage the fibers and cause up to 10% shrinkage.

  • Press with a hot iron while linens are slightly damp, or mist to dampen while pressing. But, learn to embrace the wrinkles as this is part of linen’s natural charm.

  • Lastly, store linens in an acid-free muslin or other breathable bag, never plastic.